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On May 14, 2020

Why do traders need real-time news feeds…?

Let’s explore…

In today’s world, we are all interconnected through a vast network that allows the free exchange of goods, money, and people across towns, countries, and even continents. This has a significant impact on trading, and it is crucial for traders to have the most up-to-date information to ensure profitable trades. While there are many news websites to choose from, some are more reliable than others depending on the information you need. News sites generally create their own content or have partnerships with other news sources to redistribute news. Most financial news providers use a mixed approach. Therefore, having access to a premium feed is more important than ever.

Do you need a real-time news feed?

 This is a common question asked by traders. The answer depends on what you plan to trade and on which schedule. If you keep positions overnight and swing trading, the news is probably just a temporary tone. In this situation, your listening to no story would possibly be much better, because it can have adverse effects. You probably have to have free News Feed Service, at least if you trade FOREX (currencies), oil, or inventory index futures.

You don’t want to skimp on certain items when you become a trader – info, news, and execution fees.

Free real time news fee trading options:

 Any price than FREE is more comfortable to pay for free real time news for traders. However, you need to search for reliable data at cheap costs when it comes to day trading in a trade. Why does it happen? You always get what you pay for, like everything else.

significant will hit the tape, where 10 seconds will vary from a massive loser or make a profit . For the price, this is by far the best free option.

Lists and Feeds of Twitter

The safest way will be to make your own Twitter news page. Twitter lists and feeds Finding FOREX traders and news outlets that cover FX, is the most prominent and trusted Twitter traders. You will consider potential news sources and traders if you like the potential. There are also free tweets to read that imitates a professional service – with the fantastic cost of FREE.

Online News Providers and Blogs

There are a host of excellent online news stores, but the problem is that the information is not published on time. You can return and see why your company has gone against you, but it doesn’t help you and stop your defeat right now. Reuters, Bloomberg, Market Watch, and Wall Street Journal are some of the biggest suppliers. ForexFactory is another valuable source for Forex traders, but it is too early to report real-time news that has broad historical diagrams and data catalogues.

Paid real time news feeds for day trading:

 News Scarper PRO

You can learn about any news breaking in real-time so that you can take or close a new trader. Further, you receive morning, noon, evening market resumes and a list of upcoming news for the day.

Yet at a retail level, NewsScraper offers high-quality financial research as well as real-time squawks and warnings. It is easier to pay a little more to get a more reliable service at this price point. You can use NewsScraper PRO as a test with a free 14 days trial option.

Newsquawk (Formerly Ransquawk)

This service is, by far, one of the biggest live news and squawk providers. It is worth a fee. As a subscriber, you get macro-economic news every day, global news break, patterns of forex and block trades, speakers of the Federal Reserve, and so on.

Which is the best fit for YOU?

It is not easy to make the right choice, and a lot can differ. Even if you can open your wallet to pay for a qualified news service, you can investigate to decide which service provider can suit your commercial needs. A few questions before you decide which best fit for you are what trade, how often, what time frame, what’s your trading plan, etc.?  And what provider offers you better information?

You will know and keep them for dear life when you find the right news service. However, news-based feeds for traders are not available to all on time, so quick action is required to maximize the profit potential or to avoid losses. Along with online resources available, active traders pay close attention to other media, including Live TV, Twitter, and Newsletters. 

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