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You need information about the markets. You need to know you can trust it, and you need it fast.


Introducing NewsScraper


We eliminate noise from the news cycle to help you focus on what matters:
real-time, relevant, and trusted stories that help you manage your portfolio more strategically.


Breaking News, Earnings News, SEC Filings, Economic Indicators, FDA trials results, Analyst Ratings

Your Problem

With today’s trading tools, you have an embarrassment of riches in your hands, but poverty of true insight. What matters is being able to get to the right information, fast.

Our Solution

Our platform scours the web for market-moving news and curates it in a tailored, easily digestible format.

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Powerful Technology

We track market-moving news across the web by leveraging cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.



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See the Numbers Behind The Story

See behind sensationalism with raw data and cold hard facts to help you make more clear-eyed decisions about events in the news.

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Range & Reach

Get news across a broad range of channels and distribution outlets, from broadcast news outlets to blogs and trade journals, to social media.

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Sentiment Analysis

Get the 500-foot view on a story with a dashboard that summarizes the key takeaways and the likely impact of the story on your portfolio.

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Search Criteria

Personalize your newsfeed to reflect your professional focus with the regional, sector, asset class filters, and more.

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Search, Data & Analytics Tools

Leverage tools to interrogate detailed data sets, spot the trends others don’t see and predict the future.



We deliver news

Personalized Approach

Where traditional news outlets and aggregators bombard you with an endless stream of content in emails and newsletters, NewsScraper is more surgical. We only deliver news that can be judged to be market moving, and which has a direct impact on your portfolio.

Trusted Sources

Trusted Sources

Trust is critical to us, so whether it’s from a news outlet, a blog, or an industry commentator, you can be assured the information we serve to you comes from the most credible sources.

Market Moving News

Market Moving News

We don’t do speculation. Nor do we deal in bravado. Our focus is on surfacing genuinely market-moving news so you can drown out the noise and tune into what’s important.

Trading floor experience. Developed for traders by traders.

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See beyond the headlines. Think one step ahead of the competition.



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What Our Client Says about News Scraper

News Scraper is Fast, Simple, Reliable.

Alex Silver

Highly recommended if you're tired of news and information noise overload

Kate Jones

Just try News Scraper and see yourself. Good luck with your trading

Sam Wang

Our Process

First Contact
First Contact
Call us at (212) 380-7005 or Email: [email protected]
First Contact
Discussion & Planning
We can meet in person, over Skype or Phone and create our roadmap
Final Strategy
Final Strategy
Here we agree on terms of our cooperation
Implementation stage


Momentum Trading Strategies – key points to know

Momentum trading is a strategy that attempts to profit from the continuation of the price trend. It is not a strategy that attempts to profit from the reversal of the price trend. Momentum trading strategies can be used to trade on breakouts, which is when a stock moves past a previous level of resistance.

VWAP indicator

VWAP indicator

VWAP indicator - is volume-weighted, the average price it's used for intraday trading. Also is known as day-trading. So in case you're curious here's the formula for today's VWAP...

VWAP indicator – story published

Published a new story about the VWAP indicator.   You can read it here Please comment if you like the new format of information delivered.     

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